Saturday, August 20, 2011

vaishu's independence day poster

My daughter vaishnavi wanted to make a poster for her class on account of independence day .she was very particular that it must be her work of art and so she did not want my intervention. I gave her some reference pictures ,showed her sketches of Gandhi ji,and finally she came out with this art work

Friday, August 19, 2011

crayon etching

This is a fun activity for all age groups

The proceedure is

Step 1-Colour the entire page with all different colours (except black) using wax crayons

step2-thin  black poster paint with water make it to a little thicker than ink consistancy and paint all over the paper where u have coloured with crayons

step3-Now using a tooth pick draw any image of your choice that would turn out to be a colourful piece of art.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my first post

I grew up dreaming to do one complete painting  that gave me satisfaction thats why I incorporated everything that i wanted to learn as a child in my lesson plans. I wanted it to be  a joyful learning experience.
Here are some of my student works in the  begining
The bunny done by 5 yr old
 The Giraffe done by 5 yr old

My friend priya's first attempt in oil 
 vaishus art when she was in 1st grade

vaishus prize winning art when she was in 1st grad
Crayon etching age 5
hope u enjoyed browsing through their talents .I would upload more of their works and activities.