Thursday, September 22, 2011

art by my kinder joys

I have separate activities planned for kindergarteners,but believe me they blew me away with their works

hope u had fun browsing through my student works.

my student works -acrylic painting

One of my friends mother  in law wished to learn painting from me , thus i arranged some sessions on acrylics with her  these r the  works she could do by the end of 10 sessions.
this was done by the end of 7 sessions

this was done by the end of 10 sessions
The classes are still in progress and would update  more of their works.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pencil shading work by 3rd graders

Here  are some of my students' pencil shading activities
 I started with  light ,medium and dark shades then worked on hatching cross hatching  and smudging.
we then went through negative space and did some fun stuff on it.

first step in shading

worksheet 1

worksheet 2

learning about Negative space.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

colour paper collage

my recent activity  for my students of age 8

I did a paper collage the materials u need are

colour paper (oil paper) different colours except black n brown
 black chart
glue stick
a4 size normal paper or chart paper

step 1- tear the colour paper into irregular shapes and stick it randomly on the white paper

step2-stick them in such a way that it has a good variety of colours in it

step3-on a black chart  draw the outline of a tree and its branches

step 4- Cut them out with scissors

step 5- Paste it on the prepared colour paper background

I thought of sharing some of my students initial works
these are from  the line drawing sessions of 4 to 8 year group.

Free hand line drawings would enhance the drawing and sketching skills .I also plan various colourful activities based on line drawings . i will keep you posted with  some more of my student's work soon.