Sunday, July 29, 2012

my summer camp activities

This summer i planned some kiddie size art packages  that was very exciting specially for kids...i conducted these classes during the last week of april are some of their works.

 This is pebble painting done on tile y a 9 yr old student  nanma
 This is my 9 yr old student nanma's recreation of lilly pond
 glass painting by Harsh 11 yr old student
 Minakari work by 9 yr old Swathi
 Sand painting by 9 yrs old vaishu n sri
 minakari art y 9 yr old Vaishu

 Sand painting y Abhay krishna

 Acrylic painting by sruthi;10 th grade student
 glitter powder work
 pebble painting

 Acrylic landscape
 pebble painting on tile by swathi

 vaishu's madhubani
 Sand painting in progress

 Nanma's madhubani work

Vaishu's madhubani in progress

 swathi at wok
 Abhay at work
 original lilly pond by claude monet

my students' version of lilly pond

the package had ...simple line drawings,warli art,madhubani,minakari, glass painting,sand painting,and few more types....I really had fun along with my students.hope u enjoyed this post

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  1. it was supereb to see such amazing art forms... though it is difficult to choose one among them bt if u ask me d bst one pebble painting.. pls let me know one thing that where do u take these classes..?