Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reshmi's art class: my summer camp activities

Reshmi's art class: my summer camp activities: This summer i planned some kiddie size art packages  that was very exciting specially for kids...i conducted these classes during the last ...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

my summer camp activities

This summer i planned some kiddie size art packages  that was very exciting specially for kids...i conducted these classes during the last week of april 2012.here are some of their works.

 This is pebble painting done on tile y a 9 yr old student  nanma
 This is my 9 yr old student nanma's recreation of lilly pond
 glass painting by Harsh 11 yr old student
 Minakari work by 9 yr old Swathi
 Sand painting by 9 yrs old vaishu n sri
 minakari art y 9 yr old Vaishu

 Sand painting y Abhay krishna

 Acrylic painting by sruthi;10 th grade student
 glitter powder work
 pebble painting

 Acrylic landscape
 pebble painting on tile by swathi

 vaishu's madhubani
 Sand painting in progress

 Nanma's madhubani work

Vaishu's madhubani in progress

 swathi at wok
 Abhay at work
 original lilly pond by claude monet

my students' version of lilly pond

the package had ...simple line drawings,warli art,madhubani,minakari, glass painting,sand painting,and few more types....I really had fun along with my students.hope u enjoyed this post

Friday, April 20, 2012

acrylic painting by my art syudent{10th grader}

hi all here are the works done by sruthy a 10 th grade art student of mine  she wanted to try a land scape with lots of potential for learning . so we chose  this snowscape ,where she explored all her learning skills in bringing up the different shades of the sky , water ,snow filled pine trees ,their reflection on water and the snow piled ground it was a very interesting subject.  

This was another interesting experience learning to do a faded background ,then painting the foreground bushes ,highlighting  them  flowers, bird especially the wings .we were very happy with the outcome
hope u enjoyed this post

Monday, March 19, 2012

new pastel landscape by 3rd graders

pranathi's work

prashanth's work
In this pastel landscape kids learned to do waater reflection ,silhout mountains ,they just had fun with the warm colours to create the sky and water areas and worked on the reflection along side . This work also gave ample room to learn blending colours  to create the illusion of water.hope u had enjoyed this post.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

butterfly in poster colour tutorial for kids

This is  a simple butterfly  painting done with poster colour or acrylic paints. The first step  is sketching the butterfly, decide on the composition ,the placement is always your choice .So draw the butterfly lightly first and when you are happy and confident with the picture draw it visibily and lets move on to the next step.

The next step is filling the background,fill up the background with different shades of green here i've made it simple and plain by filling it with christmas green ,you can  nurture your creativity by giving your own combinations of green, then sketch with a thin liner brush the out line of the butterfly with black.

In this step you would be painting the body of the butterfly with golden yellow  mixed with tiny bit of brown ,paint the head with black. the inner partitions on the wings would be painted with golden yellow mixed with a small portion of lemon yellow.

Finally draw the antennas ,and the yellow bushes where the butterfly is hunting for its nectar by picking up some paint and dabbing it on the surface roughly.You can make your own additions to give more interests to your picture hope you enjoyed this post ,your comments would be well appreciated.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Student work -acrylic on canvas

 This  flower portrait was done by my student by the end of 10 sessions she observed a photograph to do this painting
 This landscape helped her paint a snowy mountain with all the reflections,learned to build a calm sky,learned to give the mist effect, use the negative spaces appropriately to place the trees n leaves , helped  gain knowledge in giving depth n density to the bushes.
This waterfall helped her learn how to paint water in different ways.

hope this post was enjoyable

Thursday, September 22, 2011

art by my kinder joys

I have separate activities planned for kindergarteners,but believe me they blew me away with their works

hope u had fun browsing through my student works.